What our clients have to say

Now I’m back in shape and feel 20 years younger. Learning and training with others is certainly the best way to do it. Everyone in the classes is great!
— – Paul Kelly

Kerry and Hillary push us to be our best selves, acknowledging that everyone’s abilities and goals are different. For example: me. I am a person who never ever thought I would enjoy getting stronger. I’m not sporty; I’m getting older. I looked at having to follow a doctor’s advice re: getting some exercise as a thing to try, show how it wasn’t for me, and then go back to not trying.

Marine Kickboxing has been a totally different experience for me. Kerry and Hillary are clearly passionate about the sport itself. Turns out, kickboxing is a lot of fun! It’s a fantastic stress release as well as a major confidence booster. After two years, I’m pretty thrilled by my own skill advancements and also my classmates’. We’re learning more than just a martial art, the discipline – in my case, a willingness to keep trying even when not trying is so much easier – has carried over into other parts of my life.

When I started, I was intimidated by my own low ability level. Kerry and Hillary are so positive and welcoming; they foster a truly inclusive class environment, with no bullying tolerated. The goal here is for everyone to get better over time. For some of my classmates, this means training to compete. For me, it’s meant some pretty remarkable health improvements.

Hillary and Kerry are role models; they work hard, devote so much to their coaching and have been incredibly supportive of all of their students. These classes go beyond just getting fitter and stronger.

– Naomi Macleod

Let me start off by saying I never wanted to do kickboxing. It wasn’t something I believed I could do, due to my physique and cardio. However, after hearing about Marine Kickboxing from a good friend of mine I decided to sign up. I have never regretted that decision. This isn’t because the program that Kerry has put together is of the highest calibre, or that it’s affected my confidence, health, and mental well-being in a positive way. It was due to the fact that the community had such a huge effect on me that I couldn’t turn away. It was clear to me over the years that regardless of an individual’s age, gender, weight, knowledge of kickboxing, and/or level of activeness, this community and Kerry were always ready to welcome you in as one of their own. I have sweat tremendously, fallen down many times, have been hit more times than I can count, and have ended up with bruises that have taken time to heal. However, I kept coming back, because I knew I was under the watchful eye of a coach, and community that would keep me safe and always push me to be better.

– Aman Chohan