About Us

Welcome to Marine Kickboxing, a premium kickboxing facility that brings Dutch style kickboxing and fitness to the Upper Village. We offer our kickboxing and fitness enthusiasts a unique experience. Hooft Kickboxing also known as “HKickboxing”, a training system developed by UFC striking coach Henri Hooft, and Valid Fitness owned and operated by IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness) Pro, Mary Valid. With the Hkickboxing system being taught by Henri down in Fort Lauderdale to his roster of professional fighters, we provide a curriculum focused on teaching the very same techniques used by those fighters and athletes to our members. 

Valid Fitness runs a boutique studio on the lower level, a weight room complete with specialty classes for fitness athletes. Valid Fitness offers a variety of services including: posing, diet plans, and personal training for anyone interested in supplementing their routines. Owner of Valid Fitness, Mary Valid IFBB Figure Pro and certified Canadian Physique Alliance posing coach will also be hosting sanctioned CPA stage ready workshops. Mary will be doing so with fellow IFBB Pro athlete and CPA judge Mike Ferrer, Bikini IFBB Pro Evelyn Mihaly, Men’s BB IFBB Pro Renaldo Gairy, and CPA Judge Carl Cheung.  Contact Valid Fitness at http://www.validfitness.ca for all information on all classes, package pricing, and upcoming CPA seminars.




As a certified HKickboxing instructor under Henri Hooft, Kerry teaches the curriculum to students, from beginners to advanced students.  Kerry’s martial arts career began late in life in at the age of 24 when he began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under BJJ Black Belt Jorge Britto, earning his blue belt,  and Muay Thai under Kru Chris Sit, one of Siam No. 1’s original students and amateur champions here in Toronto.

Kerry’s primary mentor has been Henri Hooft, head striking coach to many pro fighters at his facility HardKnocks365 in Fort Lauderdale.  In the course of his training Kerry has become the only HKickboxing certified head instructor in Canada and has developed a unique teaching style that caters to any and everyone. Patient and encouraging, you will enjoy every class.


Hillary Doukas began training kickboxing at the age of 13 at Twin Dragons Kickboxing under the tutelage of the McNamara brothers, Mick and Martin.  She continued training periodically until she began training Muay Thai with Kru Chris Sit, one of Siam No. 1s original students and amateur champions.  During this time she competed locally in amateur competitions while finishing her business and marketing studies at Ryerson University.

Hillary began training with Henri Hooft in 2013, and under the tutelage of Henri Hooft, Hillary attained the level of instructor in the HKickboxing system. Hillary runs the women’s only classes at Marine Kickboxing, encouraging women to embrace a healthy lifestyle with kickboxing while learning a martial art. Gaining confidence inside and outside of the gym is a focal point to all of Hillary’s classes.



Having worked with both Kerry and Hillary for the last four years, Henris HKickboxing curriculum is what is taught at Marine Kickboxing.  Henris unique style and strategy towards kickboxing is often on display at UFC events.

Henri Hooft was born and raised in The Hague, Netherlands. He enjoyed competing in soccer and at the age of 15, he gave up the ball and developed a new passion for combat sports. He had trained with his brother in full contact Karate but found his biggest passion for kickboxing.

Passion combined with natural ability allowed him to begin competing after just 3 months of training. It wasn’t long before he was winning competitions at every level. In the course of his training Henri caught the attention of fellow Dutchman, Rob Kaman, who at the time was widely considered to be the greatest kickboxer in the world. When Henri turned 18, he was invited by Rob to move to Thailand to train and perfect his craft. It was here that he discovered Thai Boxing.

Currently, Henri is teaching his HKickboxing system at HardKnocks365 in Fort Lauderdale.  Henri’s unique style of kickboxing and strategy continue to keep him in high demand for professional athletes whose careers depend on being the best. On any weekend Henri can be seen coaching from the corner at UFC and kickboxing events from Las Vegas to Rio de Janeiro to Macao.  Henri visits Toronto a few times a year to host workshops and seminars at Marine Kickboxing and at other gyms around the GTA.



Mary Valid is a Professional Athlete with International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) and an ambassador for Canada’s largest bodybuilding organization who resides in Toronto, Ontario. She has changed lives and inspired thousands of people worldwide to live a healthier lifestyle.

Mary’s athletics background, competitive achievements and health conscious mindset have always been a part of her life from a young age. Her maturity has developed from endless experiences that have tested her physical and mental strengths, yet Mary continues to let her passion lead the way and take control of her future.

Mary believes living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about a specific body fat percentage, weight or size. She believes it’s about making daily health conscious choices and decisions to ultimately transform the quality of life through every aspect. Mary firmly believes everyone has an inner champion and can get in touch with that powerful source with proper coaching. The desires for a healthier life style or the pursuit of an athletic/competitive goal is attainable by anyone with realistic timelines, discipline and consistency.